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British-Bulgarian Society

B-BS Tours Team

Nick Greatorex-Davies Nick Greatorex-Davies has led our Butterfly tour since 2003. From 1995 to 2006 Nick was co-ordinator of the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme based at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology at Monks Wood, Cambridgeshire, where he worked from 1974 to 2009. From a young age his main natural history interest has been British Lepidoptera (including more recently microlepidoptera), and in recent decades European butterflies, supplemented by a strong interest in botany.
Peter Carty Peter Carty is currently the nature reserve warden of 2500 hectares at Long Mynd and Wenlock Edge in Shropshire. He has worked as a warden for 26 years, in a variety of different areas including the Sefton Coast in Merseyside, Sandscale Haws in Cumbria, Aride Island in the Seychelles and Egilsay in Orkney. He is a keen birder and an enthusiastic observer of plants, reptiles, amphibians, dragonflies, butterflies and mammals. His friendly and easy manner has made him a popular tutor to first-time birdwatchers.
Petar Iankov Petar Iankov is one of the best known experts on Bulgarian birds and bird areas, and together with the British-Bulgarian Society, one of the pioneers of birdwatching tourism in Bulgaria. He was a founder member of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds in 1988, he is a nationally and internationally renowned ornithologist and former member of the BirdLife International European Committee and Global Council. Petar was appointed the President of the BSPB in 2008.
Assen Ignatov Assen Ignatov works at the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia. He has worked with B-BS tours for many years. He is a very experienced and knowledgeable guide, as well as being a gifted artist and excellent photographer. His wonderful drawing of the Wallcreeper has appeared on all our tours publicity since 2007!
Dimiter Petrakiev Dimiter Petrakiev has co-led tours for us since 2003. He is an experienced mountaineer, with qualifications as a mountain guide and climbing instructor, as well as cave rescue and first aid.

Others in our team of specialist leaders include Cathy Meunier, Vladimir Trifonov and Tisho Stefanov.